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 Welcome to the captivating world of Theatre On Ice (TOI), a fusion of figure skating and theatre, known as Ballet on Ice in Europe. With teams featuring twelve to twenty-four skaters, TOI uniquely blends the grace of figure skating with the excitement of storytelling and dance. Discover the enchanting world of TOI, which combines athleticism, artistry, and drama on the ice.

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3111 Universal Dr, Mississauga, ON L4X 2E2, Canada

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Join us 

As a team, we participate in competitions that celebrate this fusion of skill and artistry. Skaters get to experience the thrill of performing together, the joy of showcasing their imaginative interpretations, and the pride of representing our Canadian team. This is a place where competition becomes a stage for self-expression, and where skaters grow not just as athletes, but as artists who find their voice in the world of figure skating and theatre on ice.

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